Pallmann UNO
Single Disc Rotary 1,600W/230V, 160RPM, 44kg, Power Disk 375/400mm
Pallmann Cobra Machine
230V, 2.5Kw, 200mm width, 88 kgs, double dust bags system.
Parquet Sanding Machine Python
230V, 2.5Kw, 200mm Width, 2100rpm Roller speed. 200x750 Belt Dimension.
Parquet Sanding Machine Viper
230V, 1.85Kw, 200mm Width, 1900rpm Roller speed. 200x750 belt Dimension.
Mambo Evo 2
230V, 2.0kw, limited speed 150-450 rpm, working width 375-400mm, weight 52kg+18kg Best Hublot Big Bang Replica
BFG 175
F220V/50hz, 1.5hp, 175rpm, 18” , 45kg
Floor Scrubber 154
Motor 1100W, 220V, brush speed 154rpm, 17" cleaning width, weight 45kg chopard replica
Edge Sander URS 15
Weight: 12kg Motor: 2000w Sanding Speed: 3000rpm Disc Size: 178mm, velcro backed
Edge Sander Pallmann Gecko Flex
230 V/50Hz, 1500W, Variable Speed 1400-4200rpm. Weight 4.5 kg
Grinding Plate Multi
For Intermediate & final polishing of parquet flooring. For four abrasive discs, 150mm incl extra high brush ring.Best Hublot Big Bang Replica
Table Milling Machine
For milling off strips to be used as hygienic skirting boards. replica TAG heuer hublot replica watches
Door Case Saw Piranha
With HM saw blade. For an exact cutting of door frames, door cases and pedestals.
Wood Flooring Stripper Set
Perfect for stripping solid and engineered wood floors when used with the Turbo Stripper
Soteco Topper 640 SS3
Stainless Steel Industrial 3, 3 x 1000W,70L wet and 90L dry.3 motors, 220V - 240V,25kg
Soteco 315 Wet & Dry Vacuum
5m Hose, suggested to be use with Pallman Gecko Flex Edge Sander fake Nomos
Pallmann Dust Vacuum
container content:35 l,1,380 W,35 mm,cable length: 7.5 m,hose length: 4 m rolex day date replica