Vario Stripper Silent
used for removing floors made of PVC, linoleum, rubber
Turbo Stripper
Professional removal of any bonded flooring
Extro Stripper
For removing Carpet, Vinyl floor, Linoluem.
Duro Stripper
small to medium-sized areas for removing flooring.
Eco Stripper
removing flooring, small to medium-sized areas.
For removing small areas of textile floors, foam or flooring residues and glass fibre wall lining
Floor Stripper- Terminator 2000ei
Ride On battery operated. Removing all floor covering.
Floor Stripper - Terminator 2100 XM
20hp Honda Engine. Working Width 610mm. Remove Flooring covering
Floor Stripper - Terminator 2100 Pro
to remove floor covering like Vinyl, Carpet, Ceramic Tiles, Wood Flooring
Teflon Blade Set for Turbo-/Extro Stripper
For removing textile floors with fleece backing.
Spare Blade U shape for Turbo-Extro Stripper
For a simultaneous pre-cutting and stripping of the floor covering.
Special Blade Turbo - Extro Stripper
Heavy type, angled, for heavy flooring materials, 350 mm.
Spare Blade for Turbo/ Extro Stripper
For textile flooring For linoleum, PVC, rubber
Eletric Strip Cutter for linoleum & PVC
Ideal for material that is heavy to cut. For cuttingthe material for skirting board strips, friezes orstair covers.
Monodisc Grinding Samba
Technical specifications: 230 V/ 115 V, 1.7 kW, 160 rpm, 44 kg, working width 375/400 mm
Joint Grooving Machine Frasmaster
the powerful WOLFF floor joint groover with hard metal grooving disc
Joint Grooving Machine Frasjunior
For elastic flooring simple setting up of grooving up to a depth of 5 mm
Wolff Weldliner Hand Operated Welding Machine
230 V / 115 V, 2.3 kW, adjustable from 50-600 °C
Leister Traic Set
Hand Operated welding Machine Triac S, single nozzle 5MM, hand pressure roller, wide slot nozzle, speed welding nozle
Table Milling Machine
milling off strips to be used as hygienic skirting boards.
Flat Steel Brush Disc
Roughening Self-levelling comp. cleaning. Wire length 45 mm.