HTC Duratiq T5
a floor grinder with unmatched versatility for professional users
HTC 420 VS
A light and handy all-round machine for concrete, natural stone, terrazzo
HTC 270 EG
The most advanced edge grinder for professional users
Nilfisk Scrubber SC6500
scrubbing and drying of large floor areas.
Nilfisk Sweepers SW8000
most advanced industrial class ride-on sweepers.
Nilfisk Sweeper SR1101
easy to operate and self-explanatory operating panel.
Nilfisk CR1500
machine capable of really heavy-duty industrial cleaning application
Nilfisk Sweepers SW200 / SW250
Built-in filter for improved dust control
Viper 18 “ Auto Scrubber Walk Behind
easy to operate auto scrubber will make daily floor cleaning a simple process.
Wolff Mambo Evo
2.0 kw, 375-400mm working width, RPM 150-450, 230V / 50 hz,weight 52 kg + 18 kg additional weight
Floor Scrubber 154
Motor 1100W, 220V, brush speed 154rpm, 17" cleaning width, weight 45kg chopard replica
BFG 175 Scrubber Machine
220V/50hz, 3.0hp, 175rpm, 18” , 45kg C/W Solution Tank, Pad Holder & Scrubbing Brush