HTC Duratiq 8
has set an entirely new standard for reliability, precision and controlpuretime
HTC Duratiq 5
a floor grinder with unmatched versatility for professional users
HTC Duratiq 6
easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety
HTC 1500 ixT
Rotate 180 deg on the spot and working width of 1.4m. 2x11kw motors.
HTC 950 RX
Remote control, 4 grinding heads, 15kw, 3x400V, 920mm working width 450-1400 rpm.
HTC 800 RX
4 heads for large area attached extra wheel for transport. 15kw, 3x400V, 458-1374 rpm, 800mm, 565kg
HTC 800 Classic
A classic series with powerful and robust. Fitted with 11kw, 3x400V/50hz, 300-1300rpm, 800mm grinding width, 365kg
15kw motor, fast cutting, with extra 55kg weight. 3x400V, 800mm, 450-1400rpm,510kg
Superfloor Approved. 11kw, 3x400V/50hz, 300-1400rpm, 440kg, 650mm width
HTC 650 E Classic
7.5kw, 3x400V/50hz, 360-1600rpm, 650mm width. 320kg
HTC 650 RX
Remove control, 4 grinding heads, mist coller system, 11kw, 3x400V/50hz, 300-1400rpm, 650mm width, 455kg
HTC 420 VS
2.2kw,3x400V / 1x230V, 65kg, 300-1300rpm. 3x180mm
HTC 500
3x230mm grinding heads with 3 extra weight. 3x400V/50hz,300-1300rpm, 4kw, 147kg.
HTC 270 EG
The most advanced edge grinder for professional users
HTC Greyline PS
is a sturdy pre-separator that removes the large particles
HTC Greyline 35 D
a single-phase dust extractor which is designed to support all grinders
HTC Greyline 25 D
single-phase dust extractor which is designed to support HTC’s single-phase grinders.
HTC Greyline 270
a single headed grinder that is easy to carry and reaches into tight, impractical areas
HTC Greyline 400
s a single headed three-phase grinder with an incredible removal rate.
HTC Greyline 550
is a strong three-phase grinder that is perfect for larger areas
HTC Greyline 450
is a single-phase, planetary grinder with three grinding heads
especially designed for floor grinding & in together with DURATIQ grinders.
HTC 80 iD II
high performance integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust
Contec CT 320 Floor Planer
Made for hardest applications & floor like removal of concrete.
Contec CT 250 Antrieb/Drive unit.
Can be used for surfaces texturing, Scabbling,removal of road markings & etc.
Floor Planers CT 200
Surface texturing, Scabbling, Planing, Grooving.
Contec Blasting Machine Elgator
3 phase, 400 v/50hz. 560mm working width, 580 kg.
Blasting Machine Modul 350
Working width 350mm, voltage 400V 50Hz, Motor 15kW, weight 400kg
Contec Blasting Machine Modul 200/2
(2 unit combined) 3 phase 400v, 50hz. Working width 415 mm. 7.5 kw.
Blasting Machine Modul 200
Mobile Shotblaster Modul 300
Contec Blasting Machine Elephant
single phase 230v/50hz, 2.0kw or 400V/50hz, 3kw. Good for small area.
Contec Stripper BULL
230V/50hz, 1.5kw,350mm 3500 hub/min,250kg Remove:Carpet,PVC, Tiles,Timber Floor
Contec Dust Collector S3P
used with Shot Blast machine, Grinder, Scarifier. 230V, 3x1kw. 215mbar, 8200 L/min
Contec Dust Collector Tornado
Heavy Duty 3phase Dust Collector Tornado
Depureco EcoBull
an innovative design, its large filtering surface with integrated cleaning system
Depureco Bull 1
230v/50 hz, 3.6 kw, 226 Mbar, 492m3/h, 100 litre dust tank. Manual or Auto cleaning, Italy
Depureco Fox 5.5 P (T40/100P)
SP 400V, 4kW, Capacity 100L, 155kg, 500m3/hr, 220mbar
Mini Bull 230V/MTF
230V,50/60hz,2.2kW, 340m3/hr, container 35L, 45kg, filtering surface 9000cm2
Floor Milling Machine CT200
used for cleaning heavy milling jobs handy and compact machine for hard use
Floor Milling Machine CT250
Aggressive machine for milling almost all surfaces for milling, roughening, cleaning or stripping coatings
Floor Grinding Machine Alpha
2.0 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz AC, working width 230 mm,weight 42 kg, tool speed 1,500 rpm
Mambo Evo 2
230V, 2.0kW, limited speed 150-450 rpm, Working width 375-400mm, Weight 52kg
Contec Terminator T2100-XM Propan
20Hp Honda, W/width:650mm, W:408-725Kg. For Removing:Carpet
Floor Grinding Machine Omega
grinding concrete, steel, and asphalt removing paint and coatings
Portamix Hippo Mega-Rimless
Faster to Mix & placing Cement screeds, textured coatings & etc.
PPW Power Trowel G50
Internal view
PPW Power Trowel G50
15kg, 480mm Diamete, 20 blades, For compressing synthetic & mineral bound mortar.