Characteristics of the equipment:
i)Stable hydraulic system
ii)Advanced control system
iii)Efficient pumping system
iv)Powerful abrasion-resistance technology
v)Easy operation system
vi)Various optional configurations


MP 720E Double-Piston Hydraulic Mortar Pump

MP720E is a double-piston hydraulic mortar pump with high integrity. This equipment is of compact structure and can be used for delivering various kinds of mortar, slurry and fine aggregate concrete of 0-16mm diameters.

The max. displacement is 20m³/h, the max. pumping pressure 68bar. It can be used for multiple working circumstances, such as paving the ground, pouring walls and shoring side slopes.
The equipment carries out the combined operation of delivering and spraying, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

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