• Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Fast, easy application.
  • Available in 14 transparent colors.
  • Water-based and UV stable.
  • Low VOC.
  • Works well with our X-Link series sealers.
  • Better results when EZ-Etch is used to prep surface before color application.


ColorJuice E concrete colorant is a fast, easy way to apply color to some types of interior and many types of exterior concrete. ColorJuice E is an improved formula of the old ColorJuice 3D and has an identical application process. It provides durable, rich hues by bonding color pigment directly into the concrete.
ColorJuice E is ideal for porous concrete finishes such as broom-finished or stamped concrete including pavements, porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks and pool decks. ColorJuice E can also used for interior concrete (at the appropriate grit stages) such as garage floors, and can be applied to other cementitious surfaces.


Product Specification
Application Spray
Appearance Colored Liquid
VOC Compliant (<1g/L)
Solvent Water-Based
Shelf life 1 year


  • Ideal for outdoor use and can be used indoors as well
  • Fast, easy application
  • Available in 13 stock colors
  • Water-based and UV stable
  • Low VOC
  • Must be used with X-Link Sealers
  • Better results when EZ Etch is used to prep surface before color application
  • In one step improves abrasion resistance, hardens surface, and improves stain resistance while adding color
  • Reducing freeze/thaw damage and salt damage
  • Horizontal or vertical application

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Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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