APESIN_KDR_Food 1 liter

  • Acidic disinfecting kitchen cleaner
  • 2 in 1
  • High performance
  • Tested and registered


  • APESIN KDR food is the ideal solution for cleaning and disinfection in one step in food processing areas.
  • It is based on a special acidic combination that allows effective removal of stubborn greasy, protein, and dirt deposits as well as microbial soiling.
  • Easy and effortless removal of scale, lime, lime soap deposits, and deposits in dairies, bakeries, breweries, wineries, and any other food processing areas.
  • The spectrum of activity of APESIN KDR food has been tested and proved according to the European EN standards and listed in the German IHO list for pet keeping and food production.
  • APESIN KDR food leaves no residues.

Technical Information

APESIN_KDR_food Technical Information

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