Face milling machine with starmiller cutter set for precision by the millimeter, layer-by-layer milling and and grinding

  • Low working cost due to high torque
  • Dust-free grinding due to best suction


  • For interior and exterior areas, house facades, concrete walls, floor pavement, industrial floor, oil or linen colour, remains of clue, layer of supporting material, remains of concrete or colour marks
  • Grinding of leaded paint without any fine dust (clearly below the minimum level of 0,1 mg/³)
  • Fast and effective: 1 m² of plaster, 6mm deep in less than 2 minutes
  • Easy and precise guidance due to counter rotating tools
  • Mechanical safety clutch
    Power 800 W
    Blade ø 190 mm
    weight 11,49 kg
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