Electric metall saw with a cuting range of 80 mm

  • Safe through sawing without sparks
  • Longlasting through powder coated gear box of aluminium
  • Economical through sharpening and retoothing the sawing blades


  • Ideal for cold sawing of iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium and many more
  • Best for cutting of cables with big diamter
  • Is sawing fast and clean without cooling
  • Burrfree without burned edges
  • Can be used at lacquered and coated materials
  • With pipe coless than holder for precise work
  • Thread of saw blade Ø 32 H7
    Power 1020 W
    Saw blade ø 250 mm
    Cutting range 80 mm
    weight 10,16 kg


weight 6,04 kg


Polishing and milling

Cutting saw blade 250mm tooth A

  • Iron and steel
  • distance of tooth 3 – 4 mm
  • toothing for material over 4 mm


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