CAISSON Colourmeter (FMG-30)

The colorimeter FMG-30 is used to measure colors



It allows the measurement of the difference between the measured sample and the sample. The result of the measurement is two colors that most closely match the selected color palette and the percentage of RGB color areas that make up the color. The vertical construction of the measuring device enables the measurements to be carried out on small areas.

The Paint Checker FMG-30 provides measurements of the sample in comparison to the following color registers: Ral Classic, Ral Effect, Ralik Design, Sikkens 5051, NCS, Pantone, PPG The Voice of Color and PPG Chromatic and Caparol 3D-System PLUS.

Average working time up to 20 hours (with new batteries)
illuminant CIE standard illuminant D65, color temperature 6 500 K
Illuminating system 45 ° / 0 °
power supply 2 AA batteries
packaging Plastic suitcase
mass 162g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 128mm x 79mm x 25mm


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