CAISSON Concrete Moisture Meter (V1-D4)

The moisture balance percentage can be measured with the right sensor. The dew point or the surface temperature can also be calculated automatically via the IR sensor.

For these reasons, this versatile instrument has quickly become popular. A must-have for professionals!


The meter has different scales for measuring moisture in different materials. The gold-plated spring electrodes measure via electrical resistance. The 2 sensor plates use dielectric properties to measure the moisture content of the soil down to a few centimeters deep. The combined result of the measurement is output via the display. The high-quality transflective graphic display guarantees perfect readability of the values ​​under all lighting conditions even in bright daylight.

The meter also has 2 connectors:

-3.5mm jack: This can be used to connect various external samples for measurements in wood or other building material. The devices have an integrated scale gem. The international standard for wood moisture measurements. Also, the electrical resistance can be measured up to 30 giga-ohms.

-Mini-USB: connectivity of various humidity and temperature sensors.

measurement methods through the 8 gold-plated contact points and 2 sensors
scales 1 – concrete (0-6% H2O) 2 – cement coating (0-6% H2O) 3 – cement coating (0-4% CM) 4 – anhydrite screed (0-3.5% H2O) 5 – anhydrite screed (0-1.9% CM) 6 – Caisson scale 0.3-15.3 (0.3-15.3m) 7 – Relative scale (0-100%)
tolerance ± 0.5%
display graphically monochrome 128×64 pixels, dimensions: 61x33mm with lighting
Operating temperature range from 5 ° C to 40 ° C
Average working time 20 hours (with new batteries)
power supply 2xAA batteries
packaging Plastic case
mass 215g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 147mm x 89mm x 24mm
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