COLLOMIX Automatic Mixer – AOX-S

  • Highly mobility and lightweight
  • Mixing quantity: 40 L
  • Output: 1.1 kW
  • Stirrer model KR for tile adhesives, putty, plaster, mortar, screed among others
  • Stirrer model DLX for thin-bed mortar, liquid coatings, joint mortar, among other


All-around performance: in the AOX-S counter-rotating mixer, a special, 65-liter mortar mixing bucket rotates around a fast-turning central stirrer. It’s practical: a rim scraper prevents material deposits on the rim of the tub and guarantees a thorough mixture. Depending on viscosity, the AOX-S comes standard with two exchangeable paddles.

  • High-speed mixing paddles
  • Edge and bottom scraper
  • Large mixing quantities due to 65-liter bucket
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