Conjet Robots – ROBOT 437


  • Fully automated via the ConjetONE control system

  • Handles large pump effects

  • Heavy-duty shroud

  • Easy access to the engine and hydraulics for daily maintenance


The diesel powered Robot 437 is ideal for removing concrete from large, horizontal surfaces such as bridge decks, quay slabs and parking decks. It has been developed according to the same principles found on all Conjet ACR™ robots, including productivity, reliability, profitability and safety.

The specially designed shroud, made from abrasion resistant Hardox steel, is integrated in the feed beam for protection against flying debris. A secondary protection is mounted on top of the feed beam. The side covers of the feed beam protection are detachable for working close to walls.

Technical Data

Standard Configuration I CE EMC Certified




2 500 kg (5,500lb)


3 500 mm (11ft 6in)

Width wheels / Feedbeam

1 800 mm / 2 200 mm (5ft 11in / 7ft 3in)

Width feed beam, incl. side covers

2 660 mm (8ft 9in)

Cutting width

2 100 mm (6ft 11in)


Max reaction force

4 000N


Diesel engine, Yanmar


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