Conjet Robots – ROBOT 557 MPA XL


  • Fully automated via the Conjet ONE control system
  • Up to 6,3 m vertical reach
  • Main body can slide back up to 400 mm for increased stability
  • Tool-kits available ensures multi­purpose use
  • Diesel or electric power
  • Easy access to the engine and hydraulics for daily maintenance
  • Automatic Stability Control system
  • Hydrodemolition applied
  • Prepared for Conjet Connect


The track-driven hydrodemolition concrete removal Robot 557 MPA XL is equipped with a multi-purpose arm allowing full flexibility. Together with an adjustable chassis, the robot is a versatile and compact solution with extended reach and stability.

  • Weight: 2840 Kg (6 261lb)
  • Length: 3560 (11 ft 8in)
  • Width Extended Track: 1200 – 1900mm (3ft 11in/ 6ft 3in)
  • Cutting Height Overhead: 5900mm (19ft 4in)
  • Cutting Height- vertical: 6350mm (20ft 10in)
  • Cutting Reach- horizontal: 4900mm (16ft 1in)
  • Cutting Below Track Level: 3050mm (10ft 1in)
  • Cutting Width: 2100mm (6ft 11 in)
  • Maximum Reaction Force: 3000 N
  • Power Supply: Diesel engine, 18.7 kW Electric, 3×380-480VAC, 32A or 3x200VAC, 63A / 50-60 Hz
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