CONTEC Vacuum/Dust Collector – R2D2

  • Construction industry – to connect to planers, scarifiers, grinders, saws, shot blasters, etc.
  • Industrial plants – to remove chippings, dirt, and dust
  • Voltage: 400v,50 Hz, 3 phase
  • Motor Rotation Speed:2935 rpm
  • Depression: 10150 Pa
  • Ventilator Rotation Speed: 6350 rpm
  • Filter Cartridges: 5
  • Dust Port Diameter: 50,70,125mm


The most powerful dust collector of the product group. The cartridge filters are automatically cleaned during operation by compressed air. The R2D2 is built in two units for easy transportation. The power unit includes all the electronics and components such as ventilator, motor, and compressor. The filter unit includes the filter cartridges and the dust container/s. On site, it is easy to connect the two units and to push them together to form one machine. The filter unit is available in two versions. The first version collects the dust in a wheel barrow. The second version collects the dust in buckets which can be equipped with plastic bags. R2D2 is also available in a more powerful version with a bigger filter surface – R2D2-7.

  • Builders for cleaning – removing sand, rough material and to connect to matches and hand tools
  • Maintenance companies – to remove litter and much, much more
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