HAUSSEN Rinde@Colormate 500

A water based environmental friendly wood stain with very low VOC and semi-transparent colour, specially designed for use on wood to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of timber grains and at the same time provide protection and decoration.



Theoretical Coverage : 10 – 12 m2/ Litres
Type : Single component
Packing : 5 Litres
Colour Availability : Full range of colour shades. Custom made possible.
Flash Points : > 100 ºC


The surface to be coated must be dry, completely clean, dust free and free from any
grease and chemical. Wood substrates must be sanded to meet the required surface
flatness and smoothness. It is important to sand the wood substrate until a smooth and
sanding marks free surface. Fine grain sanding up to grit size of #240 minimum is

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