HEINRICH KONIG Repair Kit – Ceramic Basic Repair Kit

This ceramic basic set enables you to repair optimally and sustainably on chipping, damaged corners, and edges on ceramics, granite and marble.


The set for the repair of ceramic tiles. Optimal for use on-site. For filling chipping, damaged corners, and edges on ceramics. It can be used on granite, and marble as well. All necessary processing aids are included. Also, Special Lacquer Plus to seal the filled area. The filler is Ceramic Filler. In addition to the most common basic tones, the four basic colors red, blue, green, and yellow are enclosed. These basic tones can be changed and adapted.

In Case :

  • Ceramic Filler 4cm x 20
  • Ceramic Filler 4cm (White Color) x 20
  • Aqua Pinsel-Fix Decklack x 20
  • Battery Melter x 2
  • Multi adapter & Charger x 2
  • Special Applicator x 2
  • Special Lacquer Plus Matt x 2
  • Super High Gloss x 2
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