HEINRICH KONIG SET – Fillers Hard Wax Plus

This all-around set enables you to repair optimally and sustainably fine and deep scratches, holes, joints, damaged corners, and edges, chips as well as dents not only on décor but also on real wood surfaces



The set for the repair of floors and stairs. Optimal for use on site. For filling scratches, holes, joints, damaged corners and edges, chipping, pressure marks on parquet, stairs and in the kitchen area. It can be used on decorative surfaces (laminate) as well as on real wood (parquet). All necessary processing aids are included. Also, two clear coat pens to seal the filled area. The filler is Hartwachs PLUS. In addition to the most common wood tones, the four basic colors red, blue, green and yellow are enclosed. With these wood, tones can be changed and adapted.

In Case :

  • Hard Wax Plus x 40, 4cm
  • Hard Wax x 2, 4cm (901- Yellow Transparent)
  • Special Filler Applicator x 1, #161 149
  • Battery Melter Transparent x 1, #438 650
  • Multi Adpater and Power Supply x 1, #438 660
  • Brush Pen Clear Lacquer, Gloss x1 #A26810
  • Brush Pen Clear Lacquer,Matt x1 #A26810
  • Sanding Pad Grey x 1, #609 004
  • Sanding and Polishing Cloth x 2, #411 001
  • Cotton Cloth DIN A5 x 3,#422 000

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