HTC Vacuum/Dust Extractor (HTC D60)

An automatic and remotely connected dust extractor

HTC D60 3X400V

  • Digital control panel
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Easily maneuvered bypass valve
  • New highly effective filter cleaning function
  • PTFE-coated conical filter
  • Safe exhaust valve (Duck bill valve)
  • Integrated pre-separator


HTC D60 – A dust extractor that lets you focus on the floor.

The HTC D60 has been especially designed for floor grinding, and in particular together with DURATIQ grinders. It features innovative technology in line with the DURATIQ platform that will benefit users through remote connection capabilities, continuous operation, improved ergonomics, lower service needs and a better working environment. The dust that forms when grinding and polishing must be correctly handled so as not to endanger your health. The HTC D60 does this, but in a way that does not create unnecessary downtime or lost performance during the grinding process.

Remotely connected – Productivity on a new level.
Productivity is closely associated with control. This is why the HTC D60 is equipped with a digital control panel (HMI) where the essential functions of the dust extractor can be monitored. A 3,5-inch LCD display provides clear and sharp information about critical data needed for optimal dust extraction – airflow, under-pressure and filter status. Remotely connect your DURATIQ grinder and you can start and stop work, clean the filters and receive important notifications on the display of your grinder or remote control unit, all so that you can focus on the floor and ultimately save time and money.

Easy to use – At the same time, a real power package.
An important aspect of a good working environment is ergonomics. That heavy machines are perceived as easy to use is something we at HTC keep in mind when developing new machines. The HTC D60 has many ergonomic properties that facilitate day-to-day work for operators when grinding and when transporting the unit. Easier to lift with a forklift. Extra large wheels, both front and back, make a big difference when passing over thresholds, for example. Low height in transport position simplifies moving and loading. The D60 is a robust dust extractor, but even so, it is compact enough to be handled by one operator without assistance.


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