LONGLIFE_polish 5 liter

  • High-gloss Floor Polish
  • Universal
  • Safe
  • Cost-efficient


  • LONGLIFE polish is a universal floor polish with exceptional environmental properties. Therefore, it cares for people’s health and the cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing work safety, this easy-to-use floor polish enhances every floor independent of its original condition. It is easily applied and delivers reliable coating results with only two layers of dispersion.
  • The low risk of powdering, its good polishing abilities, and the possibility to easily restore the film make LONGLIFE polish a reliable and durable floor polish. Its certification according to DIN 18032-2 proves outstanding slip resistance for increased safety.
  • This product works ideally in a system with LINAX stripper, which easily removes even multi-layer LONGLIFE polish polymer films.
  • By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients such as metal-salts, TBEP, fluorinated leveling agents, silicone-surfactants, and perfume, LONGLIFE polish takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Technical Information

LONGLIFE_polish Technical Information

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