Maiyer Groover (Bronzer)

Vinly floor groover


Packing size : 12 x 3 x 7.5 cm

Weight : 400 g



Product description Purpose of use: Grooving circular blade that cuts into a semi-circle (U cut) used when flooring a seat. : You can easily cut the groove by sliding the guide plate along the groove between the long sheets.

How to use: Open the gap between the long sheets to be bonded to each other by about the thickness of the guide plate and stick them on the floor. Align the guide plate with the groove between the sheets and push it forward to cut the groove.

Features of Maiyer Groover (Bronzer) has the best finish among the current grooves and is easy to use. Best suited for grooving in gymnasiums and long passages. There are also two types of accessory plates that can easily cut straight lines, S-shapes, and circles (circles). It is the best groove cutting in the world regardless of the type of seat. Please use it by hand. There are two colors, silver and black.

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