PALLMANN Cobra Sanding Machine

  • Heavy Duty Construction—Long lasting durability
  • Single serpentine drive belt — Provides maximum power to the drum
  • Industry best feathering handle — Smooth, easy drum operation
  • High fan capacity—Maximum effective dust suction
  • Variable sanding pressure adjustment — Correct surface preparation
  • Detachable hand and motor — Easy to transport
  • External sanding belt adjustment—Safer operation


The next generation Pallmann Cobra II delivers a smooth, aggressive sanding experience while providing special safety and comfort features.  The sleek chassis and handle design provide quieter operation, improved sightlines, closer wall operating tolerances and adjusts to the user’s individual height and stride.  The unit’s single drive belt technology is unique in the industry and delivers maximum power transfer to the drum.  It’s on-off and emergency switches, as well as the voltmeter and capacitors, are located at the handle for improved safety and convenience.

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