PPW Spike Roller – Plastic : Roller Diameter 135 MM

loose discs: roller diameter 135 mm ~5 5/16 inch, length of spikes 60 mm ~2 3/8 inch, with U-shaped bow made of stainless steel



POLYPLAN Spiked Roller is used to prevent uneveness when coating with liquid plastics containing solvents. After coating it is used to remove trapped air bubbles after coating. The spiked roller is made of solvent-resistant plastic. All bows are made of stainless steel, which has the advantage to galvanized steel, that there’s almost no abrasion, the material will hardly be dyed at the roller bearings. Moreover the roller bow won’t get rusty after cleaning and long storing and and can be used for a long time.

Order No.: width in cm width in inch
(3825T) 25 10
(3850T) 50 20
(3875T) 75 30
(3899T) 100 40

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25 CM, 50 CM, 75 CM, 100 CM

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