ROKAMAT Plaster Finishing Machines – Wireless Sponge Float (35000)

Wireless Grinder For EIFS and ETICS

  • Tool rpm: 230 (constant)
  • Voltage Li-Ion Battery: 18V
  • Capacity Li-Ion Battery: 5.2 Ah


The Rokamat Wireless Sponge Float is a handy wireless float for rubbing up plaster and render. Equipped with a powerful 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, this highly efficient long-necked sponge float offers all possibilities of a high-quality sponging machine for machining gypsum plaster and lime-cement renders – with no dangerous cables around. It is precisely for floating on scaffoldings that independence from a socket and an extension cable brings real benefits.

  • Freedom of movement – no cumbersome cable
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • ROKAMAT is a member of the Cordless Alliance System: One battery, many solutions
  • 50 % time saving compared to manual work
  • Even texture due to large operating surface (Ø 350 mm)
  • Machining up to 60 m² without recharging


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