TANET_SR 15 5 liter

  • High-performance floor and surface cleaner
  • High wetting properties
  • Perfect cleaning results
  • Low cost-in-use
  • Powerful


  • TANET SR 15 is a powerful maintenance floor and surface cleaner with exceptional environmental properties. Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the extraordinary power of TANET SR 15 assures at a low use concentration outstanding cleaning performance with minimal efforts and costs.
  • The good wetting properties ensure easy and thorough removal of dirt and grease from porous stone floors and even from hydrophobic surfaces such as PUR, leaving no streaks or stripes.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, TANET SR 15 takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Technical Information

TANET_SR_15 Technical Information

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