TANEX_performa Q&E 325ml

  • Power Cleaner
  • Low residues
  • Economic
  • Powerful
  • Quick & Easy


  • As part of the Quick & Easy portable dosing system, the highly concentrated TANEX performa Quick & Easy combines outstanding performance with minimum efforts and low cost in use.
  • Being CLP-free in application, it offers maximum user-safety.
  • Its powerful formulation acts quickly and shows excellent stain removal properties for all types of adhesive soilings.
  • The foaming power cleaner convinces with low residue formation and keeps the surface’s original appearance while leaving a pleasant scent.
  • Developed with solvents based on renewable sources, this maintenance cleaner is the perfect choice for sustainable and powerful cleaning and takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Technical Information

TANEX_performa_Q&E Technical Information

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