TAWIP_gripgo 1 liter

  • Special wipe care
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Problem solver
  • DIN 18032-2
  • Suitable for spray and wet-wipe application


  • TAWIP gripgo is a special combination of selected raw materials. The ingredients guarantee a high slip resistance.
  • TAWIP gripgo shows outstanding appearance through its silky gloss.
  • TAWIP gripgo is simple and safe in application due to its slip-resistant protection film. The quick-drying formula affects an anti-slip effect (DIN 18032-2).
  • TAWIP gripgo is suitable for the spray and wet-wipe application.
  • The dosing and care of TAWIP gripgo can be adapted perfectly to each individual object condition and demand and is efficient in consumption.

Technical Information

TAWIP_gripgo Technical Information

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