TAWIP_original 10 liter

  • Polymer-based wipe care
  • Care & cleaning
  • Reduces re-soiling
  • DIN 18032-2
  • Leaves a silky gloss care film


  • The cost- and time-saving TAWIP original  enables cleaning and care in one step, leaving a pleasant room scent and uniform appearance.
  • TAWIP original leaves a silky gloss care film and protects the floor from re-soiling which  means a long-lasting cleanliness.
  • TAWIP original  guarantees a uniform appearance and does not cause unwanted build-up of layers and wiping streaks.
  • TAWIP original  is simple and safe in application and ensures  an anti-slip effect (DIN 18032-2).▪ The product makes stripping of uncoated floors redundant.

Technical Information

TAWIP_original Technical Information

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