WOLFF Cutter – Mozart Push-Off Knife #49875

The universal solution quickly, cleanly and safely removing the excess weld from the seam. Integrated slide for the precutting, exchangeable blade, exchangeable slides for variable heights. Eliminates scratching abd damaging surfaces.



The universal solution for pushing off weld seams in a safe, clean and fast way. The weld seam slide for the precut
is integrated, exchangeable blade, exchangeable distance forks for variable heights, no scratched or damaged
surface, internal cutting edge excludes injuries, ergonomic handle, no rework or touch up required

Push-off knife with blade and distance fork 0.5 mm #49875

Spare blades, 5 pcs. #49876
Distance fork 0.5 mm #50772
Distance fork 0.7 mm #51270

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