AquaJet® 20 (Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 101 Nalta and Robot 327)

Features :

  • High energy savings
  • Safe operation
  • Sturdy industrial engine
  • High mobility
  • Easy set-up


The endurance runner in top quality:

Long lifetime of all high-pressure components due to the optimal valve and sealing technology use of top quality materials and precise series production with most modern machines
Long-lasting corrosion resistance of the fluid end
High operational reliability and long maintenance intervals through the hermetical sealing of the gear end by means of the patented bellows sealing system
Leakage free pump thanks to the arrangement of all pressurized high-pressure components inside the pump housing
Significant operating cost advantage thanks to the crank section with pressurized lubrication system which is designed for at least 25,000 operating hours under full load
High reliability in continuous duty due to the performance reserves of high-pressure pump, drive engine, and all components

Energy savings through high efficiency:

High efficiency. The Aquajet ultrahigh-pressure pump converts 95 % of the shaft power into hydraulic energy
Very smooth running due to low speed at maximum performance
Low diesel consumption due to modern engines

Safe operation:

Everything under control. Monitoring control and nozzle calculation via the Hemmelmann ES3 control unit. Intuitive navigation in many languages. All important operating data at a glance.
Easy commissioning due to easily accessible supply and high-pressure connections

Sturdy industrial engine: 

Economical industrial engines in accordance with the current exhaust emission certification step 4
Ample power reserves: 235 kW engines for real 200 kW pump performance

High mobility:

Low noise pump unit due to super soundproofing
≤ 75 dB(A) at a distance of 7 m,
≤ 84 dB(A) at a distance of 1 m
Environmentally safe operation due to totally enclosed bottom tray made of aluminum
Large fuel reserve. Minimum of 8 hours operation possible due to the large internal fuel tank
High-quality tandem chassis with an overrun brake. Chassis is completely galvanized
Can be easily positioned by means of 4 point lifting lugs or optional central single point lifting device

Technical Data

PlungerØ: 17.5 mm 

Operating pressure: 3 200 bar

Flow rate: 28 l/min

Motor output: 235 kW

Pump output: 200 kW


PlungerØ: 20 mm 

Operating pressure: 2 800 bar

Flow rate: 40 l/min

Motor output: 235 kW

Pump output: 200 kW

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