BAUMANN Machine – Worm Pump PM5 (Twin Speed)

The Baumann PM5 Twin Speed is the little brother of PM5. Small, light, yet powerful and reliable.

– Skim Coat
– Paint spraying
– Bonder fine plasters
– Grouting and back filling
– Joint filling
– Self leveling mortars
– Refractory mortars
– Sealing compounds
– Refurbishing mortars


Narrow spaces? No problem for the PM5 Twin Speed. And with the Baumann Duo-Select you have to preset output rates with just the switch of a button. Like all Baumann machines, the PM5 Twin Speed is easy to operate and suitable for a wide range of materials with grain size up to 6mm.

Technicaldata                                                        PM5 Twin Speed
Worm pump 1L6 D4 1/2 D4 1/4
Delviery rate 15l/min or 30l/min 5l/min or 10l/min 2.5l/min or 5l/min
Delivery pressure* 15bar 30bar 30bar
Delivery distance*                            up to 40m horizontally; 15m high
Drive motor                     3.7kW, 106r/min; 4.4kW, 215r/min; 380V/50Hz
Weight                                             164kg
Length                                           1,340mm
Width                                            660mm
Height                                            650mm
Hopper volume                                               50L
Maximum grian size                                              6mm
Discharge connection                                              M35
Machine No. C111342010 C11143211 C111432012
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