BAUMANN Machine – Piston Pump KS 130

The Baumann PM5 Twin Speed is the little brother of PM5. Small, light, yet powerful and reliable.

– Skim Coat
– Paint spraying
– Bonder fine plasters
– Grouting and back filling
– Joint filling
– Self leveling mortars
– Refractory mortars
– Sealing compounds
– Refurbishing mortars


 This piston pump KS 130 series are purposely developed to deal with either on site mixing or prepackaged dry mixe mortars p to 10mm aggregate size. Baumann Equipment provides KS 130 machines optional with or without mixer, convenient our customers easy to choose right one for their job application.

Technical Data KS 130t KS 130
Type with mixer without mixer
Pump         mechanical piston pump KS 130
Delivery rate 30-90 l/min 30-90 l/min
Delivery pressure 40bar 40bar
Piston stroke 130mm 130mm
Piston diameter 100mm 100mm
Delivery distance up to 300m horizontal,up to 100m vertical
Air compressor 2-cylinder compressor,3.5bar, 300l/min
Drive motor electric motor 380V 7.5kW at 2,900 rpm
Volume hopper 200l 200l
Volume mixer 170l
Weight 990kg 880kg
Length 3,000mm 3,000mm
Width 1,640mm 1,640mm
Height 1,450mm 1,100mm
Filling height  1,300mm 1,300mm
Max.grain size 10mm 10mm
Pressure connection M50 M50
Part no. B99 408 0010 B99 408 0020


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