Conjet Jetframe – Jetframe 101 Nalta


  • Light and compact for narrow and inaccessible areas
  • No electricity at the cutting head
  • Operates underwater
  • Remotely controlled using handheld CCU for operator safety and precision at long distances
  • Can be dismantled for easy transportation and handling
  • Frame is built from standard components


The Nalta allows selective concrete removal in narrow, confined areas inaccessible with other methods. It is remotely operated from a distance of up to 50 meters.

Nalta is specifically designed to operate where space is limited, such as between a building and scaffolding. It can also quickly be dismantled into components small and light enough to be carried by one man.

Nalta can operate on horizontal, vertical, and angled surfaces, including ceilings and underneath bridge decks.

Nalta consists of a cutting head mounted on a feed beam. The feed beam features step units that connect to standard scaffolding pipes. You also have the ability to design custom pipe framing to suit your specific needs.

Technical Data

Standard Configuration | CE EMC certified


Length per section : 990mm (3ft 1in)

Weight per section : 8kg (18 lb)

Weight lance unit : 12kg (26 lb)

Weight step unit : 9kg (20 lb)

Weight hudraulic unit : 90kg (198 lb)



Max reaction force : 600N

Max water pressure : 3 000bar



Electrical supply required

230V, 10A / 3 phrase, 380 – 480V

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