Conjet Robots – ROBOT 557


  • Fully automated via the Conjet ONE control system.
  • Up to 5 m vertical reach.
  • User-friendly hardware and software.
  • Main body can slide back up to 400 mm for increased stability.
  • Tool-kits available ensures multi-purpose use.
  • Diesel or electric power.
  • Easy access to the engine and hydraulics for daily maintenance.


The track-driven Robot 557 is equipped with a multipurpose arm allowing maximum flexibility. Together with an adjustable chassis, the robot is a versatile and compact solution with great reach and stability.

Stability is key to secure full safety when operating an ACR™ robot. That is why the Robot 557 has been designed with the ability to extend the tracks, as well as sliding the main body – both to shift the robot’s center of gravity.

With the accessory “tower kit” the robot’s reach can be further extended, which makes it optimal for use on high pillars and walls.

Technical Data

Standard Configuration I CE EMC Certified




2 600 kg (5,730lb)


3 400 mm (11ft 2in)

Width extended track

1 200 mm / 1 900 mm (3ft 11in / 6ft 3in)

Width feed beam

2 100 mm (6ft 11in)

Cutting height vertical

5 500 mm (18ft)

Cutting height overhead

4 500 mm (14ft 9in)

Cutting below track level

2 640 mm (8ft 8in)

Cutting width

2 100 mm (6ft 11in)


Max reaction force

3 000N


Electrical supply required

Diesel engine, Yanmar   18,7 kW

Electric, 3×380-480V, 32A or 3x200V, 63A / 50-60HZ

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