Conjet Jetframe – Jetframe 137/157

Features : 

  • Handles the most inaccessible areas

  • Operates underwater

  • Remotely controlled via CCU or any 7-Series robot

  • The rigid framework to maximize precision

  • Can operate at a long distance from the control unit

  • Can be dismantled for easy transportation and handling

  • Customizable upon request for special projects


Conjet’s Jetframe 137/157 ACR™ system allows selective removal of concrete in areas inaccessible to standard hydro demolition robots. The Jetframe is remotely operated from up to 100 meters using the computer control unit (CCU) or any 7-Series Conjet ACR™ robot.

The Jetframe 137/157 consists of a rectangular frame supported on four legs that utilize the feed beam and cradle from a Robot 327 or 557, or it can be purchased as a complete assembly. It can be bolted to the concrete surface being repaired or mounted on a tool carrier, such as a four-wheel-drive forklift truck, sky lift platform, or supported from winches.

The Jetframe 137/157 is specifically designed to remove concrete in the most difficult-to-reach places. It can also be quickly dismantled into components small and light enough to be carried by one man. It can operate on a variety of horizontal, vertical, and angled surfaces, including ceilings and underneath bridge decks.

Technical Data

Standard Configuration | CE EMC certified


Length (can be adjusted) : 4 000mm (13ft 2in)

Width : 1 500mm (4ft 11in) / 2 000mm (6ft 7in)

Cutting Width : 2 140mm (7ft)

Cutting Length : 3 500mm (11ft 6in)

Height : 800mm (4ft 7in)

Weight : 650kg (1 430 lbs)


Max reaction force : 2 000N


Electrical supply required

Conjet CCU 217 or 7-Series Robot

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