CONTEC Shot Blaster – Elephant

  • Lightweight – easy transportation (even in a small hatchback)
  • Ideal for domestic/commercial sites with only 230 V supply e.g. garages, restaurants, and offices
  • Working Width: 200mm
  • Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz, single phase
  • Motor Rotation Speed : 2640 rpm
  • Dust Port Diameter : 70mm


For dust free preparation of areas with restricted access. The ELEPHANT ®

is safe and simple to operate with lightweight and compact dimensions. It is ideal for smaller contracts which normally cannot be blasted economically. The design makes it possible to blast almost up to the wall which minimizes handwork and edging – especially in the corners.

The ELEPHANT® can be supplied to operate from 230 V single phase and 400 V three-phase power supplies utilizing standard sockets. The ELEPHANT® is designed to complement the established MODUL 200® and MODUL 350® and is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial flooring contracts. The ELEPHANT® is also available with Drive Unit.

  • Low overall height for work under racking, scaffolding, and benches
  • Dustless operation with a standard industrial vacuum


Magnetic Brush

The Magnetic Brush collects any shot which the machine may lose on the floor. The shot can then be used again.  The Magnetic Brush is available in two Widths, 50 and 70 cm.


Blast Wheel HORNET

Manganese Steel for Blade Wheel

Shot Cage (small)

By turning the Shot Cage the blast pattern can be adjusted


Different floors need different sizes of shot. The Technical Data spreadsheet below gives further information about the most common sizes of shot and the applications they are best suited for.

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