On-site LED floor curing machine. Safest and most advanced LED floor curing machine on the market to


The DecoRad® Floormate LED GEN6 is a safe, solid, motorized and easy to use LED floor curing machine that can be used anywhere.

The DecoRad® Floormate LED GEN6 can easily be set to the right speed depending on the type of LED hard wax oil. The user merely has to ensure that every section of the wooden floor is radiated with LED light.

The speed can vary from 3,5 to 20 meters per minute and is shown in the display. Also Feet per minute readout possible. The DecoRad® Floormate LED GEN6 is fully automatic and meets all legal safety requirements.

The DecoRad® Floormate LED GEN6  comes with a high-quality flight case, UV safety cones, and personal safety package. As with all Decorad equipment, the Floormate LED GEN6 has a self-diagnostic system with display-notifications.

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