DEPURECO M 65 Jetclean Single-Phase Vacuum Cleaner Liquid Industrial Mobile

  • Applications: liquid
  • Power source: single-phase
  • Domain: industrial
  • Other characteristics: mobile, compact, with self-cleaning filter
  • Power: 3,900 W
  • Capacity: 65 l, 100 l (17.2 gal)


Renovated chassis with innovative design, the large filtering surface with integrated cleaning system and quick release system of the container make the M 65 JetClean® the ideal compact single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner to be used in the surfaces preparation sector. JetClean® version equipped by new cleaning system allows to clean the filter by closing the inlet and opening the flap on the filter chamber; the air flow passes from outside through the filter: this grants an efficient and safe cleaning of the filtration unit.

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