DEPURECO M100 Jet Clean Longopac Dry Vacuum Cleaner Single-Phase Industrial Compact

  • Applications: dry
  • Power source: single-phase
  • Domain: industrial
  • Other characteristics: mobile, compact, 3-motor
  • Power: 3,900 W


M100 is equipped with 3 independent by-pass motors that allow the operator to set the desired suction power, guaranteeing maximum performance. Filtration is carried out by means of a class “M” stellar polyester filter that stops all particles down to 1 micron; the star shape allows air to pass through even when the filter is dirty. The practical manual filter cleaning system allows a quick and efficient cleaning removing dust and debris from the surface. The sucked material is collected inside a container with a quick release system mounted on reinforced wheels that guarantee maximum stability during movement. Thanks to the possible Longopac bag configuration, the vacuum cleaner can also be used to vacuum very fine dust that is harmful to the operator’s health. This operation can be carried out without any contact between the operator and the material.

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