FABER Honing & Polishing – A1 Yellow

Natural-effect polishing powder for marble surfaces and lime-based materials such as limestone, travertine and marble-based agglomerates.


A1 YELLOW is a natural-effect polishing powder with a formula that allows it to be applied quickly and dry within a short time for excellent finished results. A1 YELLOW is wax free and reacts with the material to which it is applied, boosting shine. At the same time, it gives treated surfaces a good, long-lasting level of resistance to dirt and foot traffic. A1 YELLOW is recommended for a natural-looking shine on all types of lime-based material, such as marble, limestone, travertine and agglomerates.

A1 YELLOW, like all polishing powders by Faber, will maximise the effect of the polishing process, making the whole operation much simpler by effectively replacing the time-consuming final steps in the mechanical polishing process. This means it is possible for the operator not to have to use end-stage polishing grains, which drastically cuts the time, energy, effort and the amount of water needed to complete the polishing process.



Agglomerate cement-marble

Agglomerate resin-marble






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