FABER Stain Remover – Faber Poultice

Powder adjuvant thickener for Faber stain removers


FABER POULTICE is a powder thickener to use with certain stain removers in the Faber range. It adds consistency for application over longer periods and to be able to use products on vertical surfaces. It is inert towards the substances contained in the Faber stain removers with which it can be used.

A stain remover with the addition of FABER POULTICE will have a much thicker consistency for much longer contact time with stains compared to what is possible when using the same product in its liquid form. This boosts the efficiency of the whole stain removing process.

FABER POULTICE is normally used together with OXIDANT and NO RUG products, but that can also be used with all of the stain removers in the Faber range.



Refer to the stain-remover used whit Faber Poultice



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