HEINRICH KONIG Fillers – Duo Royale

Clever, quick and clean: Filling while retouching fine scratches and abrasions on all kinds of surfaces
  • Easy, quick and neat processing with the handy rotating case
  • High opacity, good overcoatability and easy to seal
  • Melting point: 60 °C
  • Available in 4cm sticks


  • For the quick filling, while retouching fine scratches, small (nail) holes and abrasions on all kinds of surfaces.
  • To fill finest scratches in decor surfaces.
  • Uses: Rub in and level with the Special Filler Applicator
  • Recommended for use on interior surfaces that are not subject to severe use.


Additional information

Pre-Mixed Set / Standard Colours

110 Medium Walnut, 114 Dark Mahogany, 118 Light Pearwood, 119 Medium Pearwood, 126 Limba, 154 Medium Beech, 157 Mud Oak, 165 Light Rosewood, 176 Light Maple, 303 Rustic Oak, RAL9010 Pure White, Set 910 10 Mixed Wood Colours (Set)

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