HTC Grinding & Polishing Machine (HTC 950 RX)

A remote controlled floor grinder

HTC 950 RX 15 kW 3x400V MIST


Perfect for grinding large areas

The remote control significantly simplifies the work and extends the grinding time per day. The work also becomes more efficient since dust extractors can be emptied and cables handled while the machine is run on remote control. Another advantage is that it is easy and convenient to transport, load and unload the machine due to the built-in battery drive.

  • The natural choice for large areas
  • Unique remote control!
  • Patented well-known drive system with four grinding discs perfectly balances the machine
  • Integrated system of weights for adjusting grinding pressure
  • Battery drive for moving, loading and unloading
  • The further developed grinding heads give lower maintenance costs and longer life
  • Ergonomically designed. Load and vibration damages are minimized since the machine can be run remotely
  • HTC Superfloor™ – Approved Equipment

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