Husqvarna HTC 950 RX



Rated input power – 15 kW
Rated current – 32 A
Voltage – 380-415 V
Phases – 3
Pins – 3P+N+E
Frequency – 50-60 Hz


Husqvarna HTC 950 RX

HTC 950 RX is a remote-controlled grinder for large surfaces. It is a planetary grinder with four grinding discs and has several functions that increase capacity and enhance operator ergonomics. The integrated Mist Cooler System™ prevents metal tools from overheating during grinding and significantly increases the machine’s grinding capacity. The machine is equipped with a flexible, floating hood that prevents the spread of dust and enables grinding closer to corners and edges. HTC 950 RX also has an integrated weight system for multi-position adjustment of grinding pressure, as well as battery power for movement during loading and unloading.

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