PPW Spike Roller – Plastic : Roller Diameter 68 MM

Spike Roller is used to prevent unevenness when coating with liquid plastics containing solvents. After coating, it is used to remove trapped air bubbles. This spike roller is made of solvent resistant plastic.

  • Length of Spikes: 11mm
  • Width : 25 cm
  • Roller Diameter : 68 mm


This breather roller is intended to prevent cratering during coating with solvent-based liquid plastics. He should pierce the rising bubbles and equalize after coating. The spiked roller is made of solvent-resistant plastic and is mounted on a plastic-impregnated paper core, and so the roller remains rigid. It does not vibrate, does not deform and the liquid coating does not shift. The brackets are made of V2A, which has the advantage over galvanized steel, that the abrasion is very low, there is hardly any discoloration of the material on the roller bearings. In addition, the bracket receives after cleaning and prolonged storage no rust spots and is long-term usable

Order No.: (3807E,3812E,3818E,3825E)
width in cm 7 12 18 25
width in inch 2 3/4 4 3/4 7 1/8 10
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