Twister Pink provides cost savings and reduces the need for periodic polishing. It is the complete solution to combine high quality and gloss in high traffic areas, without the use of chemicals.

  • Ideal for daily cleaning of uncoated floors in high traffic areas, thus maintaining and producing a high gloss surface.
  • Well suited for high-speed polishing of uncoated floors.



We are proud to present the next step in cleaning of high traffic areas-especially areas with extra demand for high gloss. Twister Pink is the new addition to our family of twister, High Traffic diamond floor cleaning pads

The Twister High Traffic family-consisting of Twister Pink, Twister Blue, and Twister Orange- has been designed o restore the cleanliness and shine that are lost during a day-whether the wear comes from many customers in a demanding retail environment or from forklift traffic on an industrial floor.

The reason behind the increased efficiency of the Twister pink pad relates to both the selection and the concentration of diamonds, as well as the manufacturing process. The result is a significantly higher gloss with maintained cleanliness.

When cleaning daily with Twister Pink you will experience:

  • Up to 30% higher gloss compared to any other daily cleaning pad
  • Prolonged lifespan of both pad and floor compared to traditional chemical-based methods
  • Accelerated results in achieving high gloss in daily cleaning of high traffic environments.
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