HEINRICH KONIG Melt Sticks – Industrial Filler IF-139

The Industrial Filler from König is available as melt sticks of 11 mm diameter and approx. 30 cm length. At the moment three different colours are available. We endeavour to offer our customers special colour matches as usual.

  • Available in Light Brown, Dark Brown, White and Black colours
  • Sticks for melt gun


The new filler for the ideal removal of flaws in industrial production. To be used on solid wood and veneer, wooden composite, chipboards, MDF and plastic materials. The new Industrial Filler from König is optimally adapted to the requirements in the production process. It impresses with its rapid melting phase and very short cooling time. Further advantages are the low processing temperatures, the high density and the strong compound the filler forms with different materials. Furthermore, a super matte finish is achieved which normally is hardly possible to achieve. After application, the filler, of course, can be further processed and even varnished. For example, mechanical sanding, cutting, planning, milling, brushing and drilling as well as varnishing with NC lacquer, 2C lacquer, water-based lacquer or UV lacquer is possible. Even staining and waxing as well as subsequent oiling is possible. Last but not least, the filler does not have an unpleasant odour and of course is resistant against heat, cold and moisture and thus also suitable for outdoor use.

  • Very good adhesion of coating systems
  • Can be further processed and even varnished
  • Takes stain
  • Very long shelf-life

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